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Shine a Light

December 11, 2009

My first New York apartment was, to be generous, a dump. I had a tiny closet, a mini fridge and a view of, well, nothing. Not that I let it bring me down. The giddy excitement of being in New York and at my first (and dream!) job conjured up visions of grandeur and glamour, which led me to employ some coping mechanisms to manage the divide between my New York fantasy and cold reality.

One of them was the Diptyque Baies candle. A blend of blackcurrent and Bulgarian rose, I think Baies smells like a beautiful Park Avenue penthouse in the spring with a Koons heart out on the balcony and an Alex Katz portrait in the living room (obviously, my New York fantasy). Everything from the simple and luxurious packaging to the heady, rich smell took me far away from my cramped confines and made that first apartment so much more than it was. They say that scent is strongly linked to memory, but for me, this  scent was a window to my future; a reminder of what I aspired to be.

PS: If any of you are looking to inspire yourself or someone else this holiday, this Diptyque gift set will bring much light into their lives.

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