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Spring Fashion Conundrum #1

January 23, 2010

Every season there come some “trends” that totally confound me. In the fall, one of them was over the knee boots. Made solely for the genetically gifted among us, these boots made the rest of us look even more mere and mortal than we usually do. Example:

Exactly. Needless to say, I did not buy into this demeaning trend and therefore avoided being mistaken for a streetwalker.

Moving on now to my first spring conundrum, to which I am a little bit more torn. On one hand, the mere word brings fear to my heart, yet on the other, I could see it being fashion forward in some design iterations. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to the CLOG.

Clogs. What does that word bring to mind? Fashion fabulousity? Sophisticated Chic? Let play a little word association.

1. Milkmaids.

Obviously bad.

2. Mario Batali.

Delicious but still. Bad.

3. This guy.

You know what they say about big feet.

OK. Moving on. But then, you see THESE:

CHANEL clogs

Louis Vuitton ClogsAnd I start thinking.. Am I missing something here? Or are Karl and Marc in some devious partnership to pull the wool over my eyes to TRY AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD?

Ok. At this point, I might still be able to denounce this woody wickedness and label everyone I see in clogs this spring a FASHION VICTIM. But then in my research (ok. my online shopping), I saw these lovelies from La Garconne and all I can say is… don’t judge me.

High on the hills was a lonely goat herd… Lay oh lay oh lay hee hoooooooo.

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