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Christian Dior: Pretty Ponies

January 25, 2010

Spring 2010 Haute Couture shows this week in Paris. Dior kicked off the circus today with an equestrian inspired (yes, that’s the theme of the day here at Luxplorer) collection. I love the top hats, riding crops and those long leather gloves. The hair.. not so much.

Of course, much of haute couture these days serves only to provide Hollywood starlets and New York socialites with their red carpet garb. Here are some lovelies we could expect to see on Cameron, Nicole, Marion and maybe even Carla in the months to come.

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Sometimes, I think it’s these sorts of shows that make people say that fashion is inaccessible and out of touch. Yes, not everyone could imagine seeing those dresses in real life, not even on the red carpet. Even for me, it’s sometimes a stretch. But there is so much beauty in each of these pieces, like the luxurious dove grey color of the last dress, or the fact that each crystal was probably hand sewn by an artisan. These really are works of a master.

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