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My Big Fat Haute Couture Wedding

January 26, 2010

(Disclaimer: this post is totally conjecture. It’s not actually happening, so hold on to your horses, people!)

I’ve never been one of those girls who dreams about her wedding. Not the place, the dinner, the flowers… ok maybe the ring. But only the ring. And especially not the gown. I can’t even begin to fathom what I would want in a wedding dress… lace? beading? mermaid? strapless?  I shudder just thinking about shopping for the dress, which if you knew me, is totally out of character.

Anyway, I think my gown issues have been resolved by today’s shows, courtesy of Chanel and Givenchy. So allow me to present my dress picks for my big fat haute couture wedding.

For the ceremony – you know, the part where you walk down the aisle and your dad tries not to cry. Either one of these sublime Chanel gowns would be jaw droppingly gorgeous, which is what you want out of your dress, right? To appease the traditionists, I would ask Karl to make mine in ivory.

For dinner and dancing – a full on chinese banquet replete with all the trimmings and the non-cheesiest band I can find (do they exist)? I would wear this phenomenal Givenchy – soooooooo girly and divine. Sans lampshade, obvi.

And for the farewell outfit as I head off to Singita … FEATHERS by Givenchy!

Hey, a girl can dream, right?

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  1. sushi permalink
    January 26, 2010 10:16 pm

    …like i buy that disclaimer…

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