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Singapore Air: A Great Way to Fly

February 4, 2010

I grew up half way around the world from New York, so flying back there is never a fun proposition. In the past, I’d have to spend almost 24 hours on a plane, but ladies and gentlemen, I have now seen the light. A lot of people would agree that Singapore Airlines is one of the best airlines in the world, and I echo that sentiment wholeheartedly.

Not only did they get me home in 17 hours flat but they also provided a choice of 60 movies, set the table for a three course dinner with proper china and ice cream(!!) AND gave me a flat bed and cozy duvet to catch up on sleep. It was so awesome that I was even moved to take some pictures, albeit terrible ones that don’t do justice to the actual product.

The huge TV screen with mirror and power outlet compartments  (plus, check out how huge the seat is!)

I think the seat is 40inches wide? Enough so I can sit with my legs crossed or pulled up under me.

All that room… I could barely reach the far ledge with my legs stretched out.

It was so luxurious… Pretty awesome huh. So awesome that in fact, Michael Kors deemed it worthy to be on my flight! Well now that I’ve tasted the good life, I’m not sure I can turn back. Yeah.. champagne tastes, beer budget.

But if I ever hit the lottery, a special someone and I will flying Singapore-Paris in this: the super lux TWIN first class suite. Yes people, that is a two person BED on a plane. Commence drooling now.

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