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Barneys Warehouse Sale Pt 1

February 13, 2010

Since I moved to the city in 2005, I’ve gone to every single Barney’s Warehouse Sale, which makes this my 10th anniversary of warehouse sale-ing! Happy anniversary to me!

Even though it’s kind of a crock — the stuff is not cheap cheap — I love going for the hunt. And over the years I’ve perfected my technique of getting the most of out the sale. Today marks Part 1 — stay tuned for parts 2 and/or 3, depending on how many times I can convince myself to go. Since I live only a block away, I don’t think it’ll be that hard.

So here goes: the Luxplorer tips for navigating the Barney’s warehouse sale – Part 1: First Week!

– Go just to look at shoes. Only pick the ones that are either the last pair left in your size, or anything you’ve been dying to have.

– Bring your hapless boyfriend who will save you a place on the bench, and halfheartedly guard your “maybe” shoes.

– I like to make several trips around the racks ranging from 5.5 – 8s just to make sure I’ve seen everything that would remotely fit me (I’m usually a 6.5)

– Check the rack right next to the shoe staircase (to heaven), because that’s where a lot of people decide not to try on their selections. It’s a veritable gold mine of mate-less shoe gems.

– Keep an eye out for the men with boxes. They are usually putting shoes back on the rack, so by following them around, you might find something you didn’t see before.

– As a rule, I don’t buy anything over $299 as I will inevitably feel cheated and foolish if I do. Anything less than $299, I can still rationalize them as a bargain (yeah right).

– My second rule is not to buy anything I can’t wear the next season or forever, meaning at this sale, I only buy shoes appropriate for Spring, OR shoes that are classic. I also don’t buy any “it shoes” because face it, those were over before they even hit the shelves.

– Sometimes, the shoe men can’t find the mate to your shoe, I treat this as a sign from the heavens, and I just let it go. This happened to me today with a pair of snake skin Dries heels for $250 from $750. Let it go……

Okay. So what did I end up with today? Two pairs of pretty ponies..

Marni Heels: Spring-y and perfect for the scuba / athletic look

Derek Lam Suede Mary Janes (they have a rubber sole!): So perfect for work and the heel is a great height

Both pairs were less than $300 each, so I will say I got a good deal, by my own expectations. I had to leave behind a beautiful pair of Miu Miu tan leather wedges for $160, but I’m hoping no one will buy them because they are a size 5.5. By some miracle, I could actually fit into them. Stay tuned for Part 2 and see if I cave in and get them anyway!

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