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V-Day at the Speed Way

February 15, 2010

This Valentines Day, E and I decided to do something really luxurious — head to Florida for the Daytona 500.

Trust me, it wasn’t my idea, but when life gives you lemons… And so we made lemonade. At least we were part of a celebrity (guess who!) entourage, which made the entire experience a lot more bearable.

NASCAR is a totally foreign concept to me, so my day at the speedway was a truly eye opening experience. As you can imagine, this is a sport that inspires true fanaticism among a certain crowd. Here are some things I learned about this great American past time.

– People camp out in their Winnebagos for weeks before the event to get the best crash-watching spots. They like to drink beer shirtless on top of their RVs and display fake deer heads and life size cutouts of their favorite drivers.

– This counts as fashion at Daytona. I cannot TELL you how many deer hunting jackets I saw that day. More than I’ve ever seen in my entire life. *shudder*

– VIPs included Sarah Palin, Michael Steele (RNC Chairman) and Two Foot Fred.

– Harry Connick Jr. looks good in aviators and a Daytona jacket

– NASCAR is a lot of fun: for a while. I loved when the cars raced all together, like a colorful platoon of Transformers ready for battle. And the noise!

All in all it was a fun, albeit different day. Thanks Daytona!

PS: fallen so behind on NYFW that I’m not sure I can catch up. It’s like trying to get through this. OY.

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