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Barney’s Warehouse Sale Pt 2

February 27, 2010

Due to the weather and workload, I’ve been reluctant to head back to the Barney’s warehouse sale. But this morning, when I read that the shoes have been marked down another 50% percent, I jumped off the couch, grabbed my coat and bolted out the door.

My intentions were to scan the shoes, then head over to the clothing to search for some good Lanvin, Proenza or Balenciaga. But once I got into the shoe fray, I knew that my plans were shot. I could not tear myself away from the racks especially when I knew that every price I saw would be magically and deliciously cut in half upon checkout…..

Image: Racked NY

Granted, there wasn’t much of a selection left and all the shoes I tried on two weeks ago were gone, but there were still gems to be found. There were Givenchy booties, Alaia studded pumps, Prada lug boots, Balenciaga space shoes, tons of old Marnis plus gorgeous Dries tall leather boots. Most of the shoes were between $150-$300, and boots were $300-$400.

So after two hours of battling an enormous crowd and waiting an eternity for my shoes to appear from the shoe stairway to heaven, I finally made it out with two AMAZING pairs at incredible prices.

Aren’t these Dries van Noten booties amazing?? They have the perfect heel height and I mean, what a  cool combination of the python skin and the cognac leather. Best of all, they were marked down from $650 to $130!! To put that in perspective, that’s how much you’d pay for a pair of Steve Maddens. HELLO!!!

And these are my Lanvin chocolate suede gorgeous lovers. I love the country-esqe feel of them with the rubber sole, luscious suede and that sick croc embossed heel. These are the perfect everyday boots — I can’t wait for the snow to go away so I can wear them out. As for the price, check it out yourself:

Yes people. Believe your eyes. That’s $1,595 to $959 to $642 with another 50% off to $320! As Stacy London would say.. Shut the FRONT DOOR! That’s 80% off retail BTdubs… Who says you don’t get deals at this sale anymore, you just need to know where to look.

If this tempts you at all, tomorrow is the last day of the sale. Get there at or before the 10am opening to avoid the crowds as much as possible and good luck!!!!

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