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Le Vie en Vert: c.marchuska

March 1, 2010

Today, I finally got to meet with the fabulous Brooke from c.marchuska, a New York based eco-friendly clothing line which provides chic and sustainable clothing at affordable prices. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending their Fall ’10 show, at which I fell in love with their clean lines and simple, sophisticated aesthetic.

When people think of eco-friendly fashions, scratchy hemp tunics and unbleached cotton t-shirts come to mind. Baby, how far we’ve come! I was blown away by how soft and luxurious the bamboo and organic cotton fabrics that make up the c.marchuska line felt — even a hemp silk that’s used on the trims was lovely to the touch.

Brooke and Christine were gracious enough to loan us some pieces from both their Spring and Fall lines for La Vie en Vert. Trust me when I say that these are pieces any girl could look and feel amazing in.

From Spring: Erin dress $162; Jen dress (my fave!!!) $174

From Fall: Tiffany Tank Dress and Elegant Erin Dress

Learn more about c.marchuska: the mission, the women and of course, the clothes, at their website .

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