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Smells like wet dog at Chanel

March 9, 2010

You ever get the sense that sometimes designers send things out in the runway that scream Fashion Victim — just to make sure anyone wearing one of these outfits come Fall will be laughed at, and then laughed at even louder when people find out How Much they paid for it? I get that distinct sense with some of Karl’s new outfits for Chanel. In addition to the faint smell of wet dog wafting through the air.

Having said that, as a lover of big chubby fake furs that you can snuggle with, some of these coats are so amazing that I would sell one of my kidneys to have one. Don’t judge me.

So without further ado, may I present to you, the good, the bad and the furry:

The Good:

How can you say no to a hairy bottom ? hee hee…

Classic Chanel Tweed Suit… LOVE.

Love this cocoon coat.

Have Kidney. Will Sell. For Coat.

Ok, gonna just skip the Bad and go straight to The Furry.

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