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Move over, Sarong!

June 2, 2010

As I was roaming around Montauk last weekend, I stumbled upon the coolest little store on the Plaza (sorry can’t remember the name now…) and found these amazing shawl/beach towel looking things.

I was immediately drawn to the black and white striped one, as my go to beach cover up for the summer. The sales girl also told me people wear them as scarves or use them as beach towels. So French beach chic, no?? Best of all, they were only $60.

After doing some research, I discovered they are made by a company called Scents and Feel and are called fouta. They’re traditional Turkish towels and are made in the traditional weaving methods. They’ve been getting a lot of press lately (Jen Aniston has been wearing one)  and there are a ton of varieties on the website. Coincidentally, the day I got back to the city, OneKingsLane had a sale on the exact same brand, and I picked up a red and white one for half the price!

These foutas will make the perfect hostess gift this summer – I’m especially loving the Missoni-esque colors. Ack I don’t think I can stop! Hope you like them as much as I do!!

Images from Scents and Feel

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