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iPhone obsessed!

June 14, 2010

As a marketer myself, I would like to think that I can see through the ploys that are out there trying to get you to spend your hard earned money. Unfortunately for me, there are some brands that I just can’t say no to.. one of which is Apple. I was adamant on not getting an iPad, till I was in the store last week playing around with one.. now, I can’t stop thinking about getting one to travel with.

Of course my newest obsession is the newest Apple product — the iPhone 4, specifically in white! It’s soo pretty…. I can’t wait to trade my old one in. Ok yes so it’s probably a better phone than some others out there, but really? It’s just so pretty….

I know this is a fashion blog primarily, but I just can’t resist. It’s the only thing I’ve been thinking about this last week. I want mine now!!

Presale starts tomorrow, June 15!

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