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Do you have a Sense of Fashion?

June 17, 2010

Even though I will never get sick of my favorite brands (Hermes, Phillip Lim, Marni…) sometimes I do get brand fatigue. Especially when you’re exposed to the constant barrage of chatter on the internet talking about those brands over and over again. I’m sure you feel the same way once in a while.

It’s no wonder then, that sites celebrating small, independent labels and designers are popping up all over the place. The WSJ did an article on these sites today, and featured one that I’ve been keeping an eye on — Sense of Fashion.

It’s a super cool site that is like the fashionista sister to Etsy (another one of my favorites). You can post your creations for sale, or if you’re less creatively inclined like me, browse through some great products. The site also encourages vintage and secondhand clothing sellers to be a part of their community. Most of the products are fairly inexpensive and best of all, you can be sure that you’re adding a special, unique piece to your wardrobe.

Check out SenseOFashion here.

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