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Store Review: Les Toiles Du Soleil

June 20, 2010

Les Toiles Du Soleil means “the fabric of the sun”, so when I was shopping for a summer housewarming gift, I thought Les Toiles de Soleil in Chelsea would be the perfect place to go check out the wares. In addition, I live on the same block as the store and like to support my local businesses and entrepreneurs (karma’s a B, baby).

Stepping into the store is like walking into a rainbow — the colors surround you and fill you with sunniness and a sense of joy. I mean, how can you be sad looking at that wall of fabrics?

They have great gifts for the home and host, including beach chairs, dish towels, tote and yoga bags, table runners and my personal favorite, espadrilles, all for very reasonable prices (most items run under $100). Even better, they make everything in the store itself and will custom make anything for you as well.

Since this is a gift for a friend, I went with something that I know she could use — dish towels that will brighten up her modern kitchen in her Scottish home. I had a great time picking out all the colors and finally landed on a tropical punch combination, totally inspired by summer and very Missoni-esque, if I might say so myself. My friend P also picked up a cute summer tote for his girlfriend to brighten her days in gloomy London.

All in all, Les Toiles du Soleil is a great little store, a perfect gift for the next time you’re a house guest or just a pick me up for your own home.

Les Toiles du Soleil, 261 West 19th Street, New York, NY

My gift, all wrapped up and ready to head off to Scotland!

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